Carrie Chapman Catt Museum

Experience the world through Carrie's eyes at our interpretive center. Learn about her childhood and what it was like to grow up in this area! Check out informative displays as well as souvenirs from our gift shop.

Experience History

The Carrie Chapman Catt Museum is a well-designed building with interactive exhibits that explore the area and time period where women's suffrage leader, Carrie, grew up in. The museum also explores what life was like for ordinary people during this tumultuous era to help visitors better understand how difficult it would have been for someone as passionate about social equality as she was at such an early age!

The interactive multi-touch table is so entertaining! You can learn about the history and function of different parts of a farm. The museum has examples of the type of clothing Carrie and her family would have worn, as well as the desks and slate boards she would have used in school.