Our Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Carrie Chapman Catt Girlhood Home Museum is a group composed solely of volunteers dedicated to preserving history. They set up events and ensure that operations at the museum proceed smoothly.

Founder of The National 19th Amendment Society

Rhoda McCartney

When Rhoda made the decision to purchase the former home of Carrie Chapman Catt she knew she would have to operate as a non-profit. So, with the legal help of Keith McKinley, she did just that. As a community affair, she got ten volunteers, including herself, to be on the board for the new National 19th Amendment Society: Ron Schlick, Marilu Wohlers, Dave Ruble, Toni Noah, Jo Herbrechtsmeyer, Mary Ann Zanotti, Catchy Rottinghaus, Margaret Carroll, and Candy Pelz.


Our Board

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Cheryl Erb

"Carrie’s Legacy is a story of courage, perseverance, and vision which is embodied by the board members of the National 19th Amendment Society. It is an honor to serve with outstanding volunteers who work to continue Carrie’s Legacy."

Former President
Holly Connor

"I’m glad to be involved with this great small niche museum, the only one dedicated to the suffrage story west of the Mississippi River with volunteers steering the ship."

3rd Vice President
Ivadelle Stevenson

"Carrie was my Great-Great-Aunt."

Mary Ann Townsend

"Carrie's Legacy tells a story of bravery, persistence, and vision, qualities shown by the board members of the National 19th Amendment Society. It's a great honor to work alongside such amazing volunteers who help carry on Carrie's Legacy.:

Board Member
Phyllis Meyer

"As a longtime resident with family roots in Charles City I find it important to keep the past alive as well as being involved in the present.  Now more than ever women need to become leaders by being a part of every part of society."

1st Vice President
Tim Lane

Tim Lane has a personal attachment to the museum, as Carrie herself is his Great Great Aunt. He's been around since the very beginning and continues to serve on the board.

Historian, Docent
David McCartney

David has been on the board since 1991. He originally joined because of an interest in history and his mother, Rohda McCartney was the founding president.

Board Member
Dianne Souder

As a girl, Diane's grandmother shared stories of marching down Fifth Ave in New York City for Women's Suffrage. Now she helps all around the museum.

Advisory Board Member
Mary Ann Ahrens

Mary Ann is heavily influenced by Carrie Chapman Catt and the work she did pursuing a woman’s right to vote along with a number of other important issues.


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